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Austin among top metros drawing new residents, new report finds

Many of those moving to Austin are coming from cities in California, including Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco.

AUSTIN, Texas — A new report finds the Austin metro area is among the top five metros in the U.S. drawing more people moving in than leaving.

According to Zillow’s Mover Report, Austin is part of a Sun Belt surge, with movers seeking the ability to work remotely in locations with relative affordability and warmer weather.

The nation’s highest net outbound moves are coming from Chicago as well as New York City and Los Angeles, Zillow found.

The top five metros for inbound moves include Phoenix, Charlotte, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and Sarasota.

For Austin, the top three origin cities for movers are all in California – Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco. Movers to Dallas-Fort Worth are coming from Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

The report also found the pandemic could bring an additional 2.5 million households to the surging Sun Belt real estate market, adding to the one in 10 people who have already moved in the past year.

“The pandemic brought an acceleration of trends we were seeing in 2018 and 2019,” said Zillow senior economist Jeff Tucker. “More affordable, medium-sized metro areas across the Sun Belt saw significantly more people coming than going, especially from more expensive, larger cities farther north and on the coasts. The pandemic has catalyzed purchases by millennial first-time buyers, many of whom can now work from anywhere.”

Changes such as remote telework are behind the push making people more likely to move, Zillow said.

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