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Movers & Shakers – SiouxFalls.Business

FEB. 14, 2023 Movers & Shakers features new hires, promotions and awards involving top executives and organizations. For consideration, email [email protected]. Guaranteed placement is provided only to partners of SiouxFalls.Business. Avera Foundation For the fourth consecutive year, Avera Foundation was recognized by the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy with the High Performer distinction for 2022. AHP recognizes […]

Florida attracts more ultra-wealthy movers than any other state

There’s a lot to love about Florida, despite what its haters may say. Just ask the outsize number of millionaires and billionaires who have set up shop there over the last decade. Between 2012 and 2022, a handful of cities experienced millionaire growth by over 70%, finds the latest wealth report from investment migration firm […]

Number Of Californians Moving To Texas Up 36 Percent In A Year

(CBS SF) – Amid California’s ongoing housing woes, the number of people moving from California to Texas has grown more than 30 percent in a year, according to a new report. According to data from the Texas Realtors’ association (.pdf), 86,164 people traded living in the Golden State for living in the Lone Star State […]

Average Cost of Living in Austin TX

Austin, TX, stands as a beacon of cultural vibrancy and economic growth in the heart of Texas, attracting individuals and families with its unique blend of modern city life and traditional Texan charm. Understanding the cost of living in Austin, TX, is essential for current residents adjusting their budgets and potential movers gauging the affordability […]

Tesla Moving HQ From California To Texas! – California Globe

Speaking at the Tesla shareholder’s meeting outside of Austin on Thursday, CEO Elon Musk announced that the electric vehicle and energy company would be moving its headquarters from Palo Alto to Austin. Musk cited the high costs for employees in the Bay Area, specifically noting the difficulty in securing affordable housing within a reasonable distance […]

People priced out of Austin and Orlando are moving to these cheaper cities

Orlando experienced a 2.7% bump in population — nearly 8,000 new residents — between 2020 and 2022, census data shows. The Austin metropolitan area similarly grew 2.7% in 2021 and 2022, adding 63,000 people, according to the city of Austin. But with all those new residents came a surge in home prices. In Austin, the median […]

Class teaches people how to leave SF area

Another class attendee and ex-San Jose resident, Christine Howes, said she took the class in 2021 after her sister-in-law spotted it and asked her if she would take it with her. Howes, who works as a pediatric nurse, says she and her husband both grew up in the Bay Area. But the couple grew tired […]


Wednesday, March 13, 2024 Two new singles, two syncs and a viral sensation populate the Shazam USA Top 100’s Biggest Movers list. Following the simple instructions of “just add Drake,” 4batz & Drake’s “act ii: date @ 8 (remix)” (4batz/OVO) is the week’s biggest mover, just ahead of Ariana Grande’s second single from eternal sunshine, […]