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Best Gutter Companies In Austin, TX Of 2024 – Forbes Home

Selecting the right gutter installation company for your home and situation involves doing a bit of research on a handful of potential companies. You’ll want to check on things like price and determine whether the company is reputable. Here are some of our best tips for finding and picking the best gutter installation company in your area.

Licenses and Professional Accreditation

Most states have licensing requirements for gutter installation companies. For Austin, gutter installation companies don’t need a license to provide services. If you want to know more about specific licensing and permit requirements in your area, do a quick Google search for general contractor license requirements by state to find more information.

As you look into potential companies to work with, it’s important to ask each of them for their license information (if they have any). A reputable company should be able to easily provide this information so you can double-check things online.

Customer Reviews

Looking through a company’s online reviews on a variety of platforms like Google, Yelp and more can help you vet a company thoroughly. After all, advertising is great, but it means nothing if reviews are mostly negative. It’s also a good idea to speak with neighbors, friends and community members to share their experience of local gutter companies they’ve hired in the past.

We recommend looking into a company using a minimum of three different platforms (or speaking with three different past customers) so that you can get a more complete sense of a company’s work. Even if a company has good reviews, if they’re all more than six months old, that may be a red flag. This could mean that a company’s reputation has slipped and that your experience may not be the same. Plenty of recent positive reviews go much further in showing that things are still on the up and up.

Types and Available Styles

While researching gutter types and styles, you may become overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options. With so many choices, it’s important to take the time to determine which types of gutters will work best for your home and budget.

The most common gutter materials are vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc and copper. Each material has its own unique benefits and drawbacks to consider. Learn more about each below:


Vinyl gutters, also known as PVC gutters, are cheaper and easier to install compared to other materials. Expect to pay around $900 nationally for 100 feet of vinyl or PVC gutters. The drawback to using this budget material is that it’s less durable and more susceptible to damage during extreme weather conditions.


For an average of only $50 more, aluminum gutters are a great choice if you want the low cost of vinyl but better durability. They also come in several colors, so you should have no problem finding an option that fits your home’s style. One of the biggest issues with this material is that it can corrode over time, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for any rust development.

Galvanized Steel

If you prioritize endurance, galvanized steel gutters may be the best option for your home. They are known to be both low-maintenance and long-lasting and can usually fit with any shingle type. However, this material costs more than both aluminum and vinyl.


Want something that is likely to outlast your mortgage payment? Most estimates of zinc gutter lifespans are around 80 years making them an extremely durable option. The upfront cost is on the steeper side with the national average as high as $5,000 for 100 feet. Note that most zinc gutters need to be professionally installed.


While copper material isn’t as customizable as other materials, it has its own attractive aesthetic that naturally gets even better over time as it develops a patina hue. These gutters also last a long time, so you could go 60 to 100 years without replacing them. The national average cost for copper gutters is up to $3,600 for 100 feet. Plus they typically need to be professionally installed.

Warranties and Workmanship Guarantees

Though licensing and permits follow state policies and regulations, warranties and workmanship guarantees vary by company. For example, one company may choose not to guarantee lifetime gutter repair while another will.

If you’re purchasing new gutters, you’ll likely have some type of warranty, but the length and parameters may also depend on the material you choose. Copper gutters, for instance, last up to three times longer than vinyl gutters on average.

Find an Established Gutter Company

Well-established gutter installation companies near you may have an advantage over newer companies. Reputable gutter companies that understand the area’s weather patterns and temperature indexes can recommend products that make sense for the region you’re living in. They also may have more connections to suppliers and manufacturers than brand-new companies.

That said, it’s important to do thorough research on every company, even those with influence in Austin.

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