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Creating a space for your company in Austin? Fast Track Movers & Installation’s focus on client-satisfaction makes installation a breeze

For companies moving or reconfiguring their spaces in Central Texas, Austin-based company Fast Track Movers & Installation offers a turnkey experience by installing the pieces that make an office, restaurant or business come to life.

Founded in 2010, Fast Track is one of the few commercial installation and moving corporations in Austin. Serving all of Central Texas, Fast Track has worked with most furniture dealerships in the city as a third-party installer.

“We’ve been serving Austin for a really long time. We’re a great group of guys that just overall are after client satisfaction,” said Luke Wilde, Fast Track’s Director of Business Development. “We’re looking to make sure that clients are really happy with the install … We’re called Fast Track for a reason, right? We really pride ourselves in our ability to turn last minute requests into real moving parts and executions.”

With a deep knowledge of Austin’s office space landscape, Fast Track has played an active role in nearly every building’s finish-out, primarily offering furniture installation, warehousing and receiving as well as performing construction specialities installation.

“In Austin, as you approach downtown and work in some of the construction environments, it can be very, very tricky,” Wilde said. “We have really good relationships with general contractors, so we can understand the natural construction sequence.”

When Wilde began working with healthcare professionals, he said he was confused as to why they called hospitals “houses.” Soon, he realized the front of the “house,” the back of the “house” and the multiple departments within it create a mini environment with its own unique complexities. Fast Track’s joy comes from activating those environments through installation.

“Keep Austin Weird’ doesn’t just apply to the people, it’s also about the buildings … Every building is a micro-ecosystem of people and spaces, and spaces and people are both beautiful and weird at the same time,” Wilde said. “The best part of our job is getting to see all these beautiful people and spaces all day.”

Fast Track’s main clientele is large organizations, many of which have their own purchasing program in place. After a client’s procurement department finds furniture and interior pieces for the new space, Fast Track takes over to perform the installation.

“If you do have a purchasing department that can go out and purchase furniture, we can literally handle everything else,” Wilde said. “We give [clients] our address to ship products directly and we’ll receive it. We’ll do the whole third party logistics piece and then install it for you whenever your construction timeline goes into effect.”

Most installation and moving jobs require an experienced crew lead and four more technicians. Fast Track has a crew of over 45 installation technicians and five office staff members, as well as two crews that travel across the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

In line with its focus on client satisfaction, Fast Track’s Project Managers assist with space planning, field verification and project tracking. The company also operates its own client portal via a smartphone app. Once clients download the app, they can track project progress with photos, live feeds and rosters of who is working on their projects.

Wilde said during moving and installation, clients often have new requests that were not previously a part of the project. Fast Track is well-equipped to accommodate unexpected needs, and always clarifies the added cost with the client before moving forward.

“Our answer is always yes. We’re very much a customer-focused organization … If it’s going to impact our costs, then naturally that will be discussed upfront,” Wilde said.

With many businesses and organizations starting new branches of their companies in Austin, Wilde said the key to a smooth transition is a team of professionals whose familiarity with the city is unmatched.

Additionally, a unique aspect of the company is its commitment to hiring within the Latino community and supporting Mexican communities. If Fast Track acquires unused product that is still in good condition, its sister company in Mexico donates items to schools and facilities to avoid the landfill.

From clients in California moving their business to Austin to Austin-based businesses making a move within the city, Fast Track makes the entire process a breeze. From start-to-finish, Fast Track’s team of experts can help advise with plans, develop a strategy and see a concept through to fruition.

“If you’re really on a budget and you’re looking for the best deal, just give us a call and see what we can do for you. Let us know what your overall goal is, what your plan is, what your size is, and we can really coach you and help you understand how to get that best value,” Wilde said.

Ready to find out more about Fast Track Movers & Installation or request a free quote? Head to their website at to learn more.

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