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St. Augustine woman waits months to get belongings from movers

When the Ask Anthony team spoke with Laurie Nolan at the beginning of April, she didn’t think she would ever see her furniture or clothing again.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The Ask Anthony team is getting results for a St. Augustine woman who has been waiting two months for her belongings to arrive in New Jersey. 

Laurie Nolan contacted Anthony Austin for help because the moving company continued to charge her money after she had already paid $6,000. 

Anthony made phone calls and got results. 

“I was out for dinner and came around the corner on Saturday night. There was a moving truck in my driveway and two gentlemen on my front porch,” Nolan said. 

When we first spoke with Nolan at the beginning of April, she didn’t think she would ever see her furniture or clothing again.

“They said we have some furniture from Florida and I was kind of skeptical. They opened up the back of the truck and it was all my stuff,” Nolan added. 

Nolan had been waiting since February to get her belongings. She moved from her two-bedroom condo in St. Augustine to New Jersey to take care of her sick parents. Nolan hired a moving company out of Orlando.  

“I got on a plane with my purse. I didn’t even have a suitcase,” Nolan explained. 

Nolan was given a quote of $3,500. She paid a deposit of $800. But the day before the move, she received a call.

“They called and they said they needed another $570 payment. So, I did that. Then, late in the afternoon, they called me and they said we think you’re going to go over a little bit. So, we would like an additional $1,780 payment,” Nolan said. 

Nolan’s belongings arrived in New Jersey about a month later. But, she says the movers asked for an additional amount, which was almost $2,000 to unload the truck. She didn’t pay it. So, they drove off with her stuff. 

Anthony called the company, “Today’s Move Movers,” and a representative answered. 

He asked to speak with an owner or manager about Nolan’s situation and was told they were all in a meeting, but someone would call him back. No one called back. However, it appears someone was listening. 

Nolan didn’t have to pay a dime this time to get her stuff back. 

“You were my hero. You were the one that did it. I don’t have to worry about going out and buying furniture this summer,” Nolan responded. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 304 into law this month. The new law bans moving brokers from giving estimates or providing contracts for services that include estimated costs of a move. They must honor the quote provided to the customer unless that customer changes the order. 

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